Anger after laughing gas cannisters dumped on Piggott Street, Farnworth

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Anger after laughing gas cannisters dumped on Piggott Street, Farnworth

A PILE of laughing gas cannisters was dumped on the side of a street in Farnworth, provoking anger as the littering problem continues to plague the borough.

The nitrous oxide cannisters are used as whipped cream chargers but in recent years people have bought them for recreational drug use by inhaling them.

The drug is known as laughing gas and ‘hippy crack’.

After the user inhales the cannisters they are often thrown on the floor, blighting the area around them.

And that is what happened at Piggott Street, much to the community’s frustration.

Farnworth Cllr Paul Sanders said: “The misuse of nitrous oxide whipped cream canisters is a concerning trend nationwide.

“It’s infuriating to see boxes of these canisters dumped in our streets and green spaces.

“This case looks like it may have been flung from a car.

“There’s simply no excuse for this.”

Cllr Sanders has praised the efforts of groups tackling the problem but is calling on people to take “responsibility”.

He said: “Fantastic volunteer litter pickers and the street cleaning team are trying to keep on top of this, but it’s an uphill battle. There are also initiatives which recycle the 100 per cent steel that the canisters are made from.

“We need people to be responsible for their own actions in all of this.”

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